CF1200 Foil Kit

Carving Freeride 1200 Foil Kit

We recommend the below setup, but much depends on rider weight and riding style. 
See our Foil chart for assistance.

CF1200 Wing
Drive Mast 72cm / 28.5”
Titanium Core TC60 cm Fuselage
Uni Tail Wing
TTF +1 degree
Titanium T-nut + washer + mast top screw set, Foil screw set, Torx tool
Protective mast, wing bags and compact carry bag

The new Armstrong CF1200cm2 wing is all about taking your surf foiling to the next level. Extremely stable in turbulence yet rips turns like a dream, and pumps to connect when required -  If you want to surf a foil then look no further.
The Carving Freeride 1200 Foil Kit is the do it all combination for all round foil riding, great range in the surf, easy with a kite, SUP or Windsurf.

  • Surf: Ideal surf wing for ripping up waves.

  • Kiteboarding: Light wind riding.

  • SUP: Lighter riders or bigger surf.

  • Wake: Versatile towing and wake foiling.

  • Windsurf: All riders in moderate winds.

Wing Dimensions

Wing area: 1200cm2 (186in2)
Wing span: 675mm
Weight: 995g

See the CF1200 wing page for more details



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Foiling Video

Teaching Jimmy Spithill to Foil General