HS1550 V2 Foil Kit

All foil sports for beginner-intermediate riders.

Surf it, wing it, wake it, pump it, the HS foils just keep on delivering performance and that unique Armstrong feeling.


  • Broad speed range with excellent controllability on the top end.
  • Excellent breach recovery to minimise falls.
  • Proprietary Armstrong A+ System foil connection design offers industry-leading stiffness, durability and modularity.


HS 625

Area: 625cm2
Span: 605mm

HS 850
Area: 850cm2
Span: 669mm

HS 1050
Area: 1050cm2
Span: 669mm

HS 1250
Area: 1250cm2
Span: 830mm

HS 1550v2
Area: 1550cm2
Span: 938mm

HS 1850
Area: 1850cm2
Span: 940mm


Includes protective cover and hardware.

Armstrong Foils - HS1550 V2 Foil Kit