Polycarbonate Pro Shim & Hardware kit

Polycarbonate Pro Shims

We’ve streamlined, strengthened and simplified the rear wing connection by attaching the tail wing directly to the new A+System TC Fuselage. For most riders this means a simple, direct, shim-less connection of the tail wing.

For more advanced riders wanting faster, looser setups, we have new low profile Polycarbonate Pro Shims, allowing more than 5 angle settings at 0.5 degree increments, from  –1 degree to + 1.5 degrees for the tweakers out there.

The Polycarbonate Pro Shims also allow riders to take full advantage of our cutting edge “Forward Geometry” boards.
The set includes:
2* Dome Head screw 19.5mm
2* 0.5° PPC Shims
2* 1° PPC Shims
5* Titanium-plated screws 28.5mm
2* Titanium-plated Small Dome Head screws 17mm
2* 8mm Custom Ti Barrel Nut
1* T30 Bit

Armstrong Foils - Polycarbonate Pro Shim & Hardware kit
$39.99 USD