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Titanium trim fairings

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Our state of the art rear wing configuration incorporates easy to change, honeycomb Titanium trim fairings that allow you to fine tune the UNI Tail Wing to your personal feeling.

The Titanium trim fairings set the angle of attack of the tail wing to -2.5, -0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 degrees trim options. These adjustments work in conjunction with changing the front wings, rider and board size variations and velocity of use.

-2  Degree:  For learning, larger boards/people - Tail has more downforce giving front wing more lift at lower speeds and better Yaw (directional) stability for learning.
0 Degree: is best with the 800 wing at higher speeds kiting or tow surfing and good all around with the 1600 wing.
+1 Degree: For more top end speed control on the 1600 wing and better pump for advanced riders looking to maximise glide and to Down Wind Foil.


$75.00 USD