At ARMSTRONG we design and build foils for multiple disciplines, a no compromise modular approach delivering access to all foil sports.

Better by design, built strong and built to last.


It is our belief that emphasizing product performance and durability are paramount to achieving successful design. Armstrong Foils set about developing its foil range to simply be the benchmark in quality, reliability and function. Recognizing that product versatility offers maximum potential for rider satisfaction, our innovative modular design allows water-sport enthusiasts to exploit every day no matter the conditions or chosen foil discipline.


1. DRIVE Mast

  • The mast is available in 4 lengths, 60cm 75cm, 95cm and 110cm.
  • Our unique mast construction was developed in conjunction with composite experts who worked on Team New Zealand America’s Cup foils.
  • Our quad C beam Mast core delivers rigidity and unparalleled torsional stiffness that equates to better strength, stability and control without compromising weight.
  • Our mast layup is futuristic, at the heart is a hard wood core, this is carefully wrapped with bulletproof Aramid fibers and 100% Carbon cloth, which has optimised fiber orientation to maximise the strength potential of the materials.


2. Main Wings

  • The main wings are shaped for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds.
  • The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world’s foremost sport wing designers.
  • Continuous testing and refinement helped us find a combination of planform, leading and trailing edge sweep and the right amount of anhedral curve that delivers super smooth flow, giving a more connected surf like feeling while on the fly.
  • Construction is based around a high-density foam core which is encapsulated in Aramid cloth before being wrapped with 100% High Modulus Carbon. 

3. UNI Tail Wing

  • The design incorporates the perfect amount of anhedral shape in the center and at the tips to allow smooth but precise pitch control at all speeds and bank angles.
  • The tail wing has a PVC foam core wrapped in Hexi-Core Mat, then covered in the highest quality Carbon keeping it light and super rigid.
  • The Uni Tail Wing has unique recessed flow fences. These minimize disruption of tail wing stability by any turbulent flow from the mast and fuselage.
  • The tail wing has Titanium screw inserts in keeping with our philosophy of zero corrosion materials throughout the entire product.

4. HEX Fuselage

  • The Armstrong HEX Fuselage is a ground breaking work of art in terms of engineering and design.
  • The fuselage has a solid Titanium core running throughout its length. The core is then shrouded in 5mm solid wall Carbon tube.
  • The ultra stiff HEX fitting for the mast and front wing fitting is machined from 30mm solid Carbon tube which gives 360 degree surface contact, maximising the load distributing area.
  • This unique fuselage construction easily handles the highly leveraged opposing flex loads as the mast and wings are directly keyed into the Titanium core, taking rigidity to the next level.

Hex Fuselage

5. TTF System (Titanium trim fairing)

  • Our state of the art rear wing configuration incorporates easy to change, honeycomb Titanium trim fairings that allow you to fine tune the UNI Tail Wing to your personal feeling.
  • The Titanium trim fairings set the angle of attack of the tail wing to -0.5 and -2.5 degrees trim options. These adjustments work in conjunction with changing the front wings, rider and board size variations and velocity of use.

Titanium trim fairing system

Revolutionary adjustable tail kick pad

  • Taking it to the next level we have developed a Carbon fiber adjustable tail kick pad to enable different size and style riders to easily fine tune the foot position as skills improve or as conditions change.

Construction materials

At Armstrong Foils we take construction very seriously. All materials are top of the line, no corners are cut or expense spared

We want you to ride and feel the Armstrong difference. 

  • Titanium core thread inserts and fittings
  • Aramid fiber
  • Carbon Uni / Bi / Directional and 12k High Modulus fiber
  • PVC foam
  • Hexi-Core Mat
  • High Temp Epoxy resin
  • Hard wood


All our stainless steel attachment screws thread directly into Titanium for three reasons:

  • Ultimate strength and longevity.
  • Zero corrosion or staining.
  • Over tightened stainless screws will not damage the Titanium core which means only the screws may need to be replaced.

Adjustable tail kick pad