The next level in Foil technology

At ARMSTRONG we design and build the best quality Hydrofoils for multiple disciplines, a no compromise modular approach delivering access to all foil sports.

"Foiling is such a unique, sublime feeling, like flying over the water but with a connection. You feel the energy in the water but you are literally flying! It’s intense, compelling, surreal, dynamic and it's this sensation that drives our designs and passion"

The big dog trying out the CF1600 wing and 75cm mast


Armstrong Foils



1. DRIVE Mast
The interchangeable Drive mast has state of the art construction for stiffness and durability and is available in 4 lengths; 60cm 75cm, 95cm and 110cm.

2. Main Wings
Stiff, light and unique by design, these are a work of art and deliver unparalleled performance and stability.

3. UNI Tail Wing
Our universal tail wing has been designed for maximum stability and multisport performance.

4. HEX Fuselage
Our unique titanium core fuselage design maintains rigidity with minimal twist at high speed and easily handles the highly leveraged opposing flex loads that stability requires.

5. TTF System (Titanium trim fairing) 
Titanium trim fairings that allow you to fine tune the UNI tail wing to your personal desired feeling.