The next level in Foil technology

At ARMSTRONG we design foils for multi-disciplines.

We know what it is like to have too much equipment so we set about developing a range of Hydrofoils to cover everything from Kiting to down-wind Surfing.

Why have three setups when you only need one well-designed foil?

The Armstrong CROSSOVER range is cutting edge in terms of design and build quality. It is modular with interchangeable fuselage and wings consisting of: the DRIVE mast, two front foils, the CF 800cm2 (ksw) and CF 1600cm2 (dws), a titanium reinforced fuselage with multiple length options, and finally our adjustable universal tail wing.
CF (Carving Foil)  KSW (Kite, Surf, Windsurf)  DWS (Down-wind Surf)

Not just great design, but the strongest, highest quality Foil you will find.
There is no compromise on quality with Titanium construction throughout.

We have been developing and refining the Armstrong product for over 2 years and have NOT rushed to Market to cash in with a product that has a high chance of breaking, or is extremely heavy and subject to corroding parts (like most other brands).
Instead we have meticulously tested every part with heavy riders, pushing the design envelope to make a product that is second to none and will last.



1. DRIVE Mast Lengths

  • The mast is available in 4 lengths, 60cm 75cm, 92.5cm and 110cm.
  • The shorter 60cm mast is easy to handle, so if you are just starting out then this is what you want.
  • For Kiters learning and wave riders with foil experience then the 75cm is a top choice.
  • For experienced Kitesurfing or seasoned Pros in Surf the 92.5cm is the go and for the ultimate feeling of flying on water then the 110cm is next level.

2. HEX Fuselage

  • The HEX fuselage is a ground breaking work of art in terms of engineering design with an ultra stiff modular hexagonal spline fitting for the wing and mast.  Both Front and rear wings are easily changed to suit the conditions , equipment, rider size/weight and preferences.  We also have 2 more wing sizes in development to add to the system in the near future. 
  • The core of the fuselage is titanium shrouded in 5mm solid wall carbon tube that is machined into the ultra stiff HEX.
  • Our unique fuselage design maintains rigidity with minimal twist at high speed and easily handles the highly leveraged opposing flex loads that stability requires.

3. UNI Tail Wing

  • ​Our universal tail wing has been designed for maximum stability and multisport performance. Lift and drag co-efficiency have been precisely calculated for the speeds we ride at to ensure it delivers optimum stability at all speeds.
  • The UNI tail wing is covered in the highest quality carbon fiber keeping it light and rigid. The Uni Tail wing has VERY unique flow fences to stop any turbulent flow from mast and fuselage disrupting stability.

4. HTF System (honeycomb titanium trim fairing)

  • Due to the wide range of potential applications and different mast to board positions currently in use, we have come up with a state of the art rear wing configuration that incorporates easy to change, honeycomb titanium trim fairings that allow you to fine tune the UNI tail wing to adjust the foil to your personal feeling.